Forty-six years of puppy love

“. . . and she’d show me how to keep my chin up,
accepting all my zany silliness that I never outgrew.”

Seven Days of Shiva, By Marc Gellman

Retirement? That’s so twentieth century! Growing old is bullshit!

After over forty years of architectural design and real estate development, Marc has launched his own company, MGLIFEWORKS, LLC, with plans for several new careers: writing a number of books, performing stand-up comedy routines, and creating and starring in “Benjamin’s Grandpa” videos.


Marc says that over the years he’s talked about writing a book and has often heard people say that their lives have been either so outrageously interesting, crazy or wild, that they could write a book. He always wanted to be able to say to those people, “Well . . . I did!”

Benjamin's Grandpa

Marc has created videos of his travels. A little zany, the videos are informational tales for his grandchildren, loaded with innuendos for adults to enjoy while watching with their children.

Deciding to start and actually implement the plans for a new career came easily for Marc. Finally, after a lifetime of working to establish the legacy of others, he’s doing it for himself. His future outlook is all about accomplishing the fun stuff he has always dreamed about doing. “In my youth, I was a silly kid. Life’s challenges and experiences influenced becoming a serious-minded me and conformity was the only way for survival in the corporate world. With no one to answer to any longer, it’s time for the silly me to come out . . . with maybe just a little seriousness, now and then,” Marc says.
The picture of Marc is with his grand-dog, Samson. He also has three grandchildren, Jonah, Drew, and Benjamin. Marc will not accept letting the title “Grandpa” limit his capability for accomplishing his future projects. He loves being called “Grandpa” and says, “It is being called Grandpa and looking into young wishful eyes that energizes me to want to accomplish more. I love my grandchildren and someday I want them to be able to say, I ‘ran’ with my grandpa.”
Marc invites you to follow this new chapter of his life; a chapter that’s presently and just, just, beginning! He promises through tears and laughter whether young or old, there will be something for everyone to enjoy and learn. And should you feel like you enjoyed and learned nothing, Marc suggests that you take another look at his work. Because, you probably missed his point.
Marc Gellman
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